MorakSMS Messaging App

MorakSMS Messaging App


MorakSMS Messaging App is the complete, multi-user, Cloud-based, Messaging App for sending SMS to more than 200 countries
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You will be surprised what you can do when you have the right tools. 

They can be the difference between surviving and thriving or failing in the ever changing world of bookselling.;

Why Use ElectroClerk BookShop Software.

ElectroClerk BookShop provides all the tools, in a single integrated package, to enable you to carry out targeted marketing to your customers, providing them with a valuable a service that also keeps you in their mind when they think about books. Bookshops have the opportunity to acquire contact email addresses and interests from their walk-in customers that could become the core of an ongoing, opt-in, marketing campaign. The promise to the customer is that they will only receive emails with information about latest releases in their stated areas of interest.

Features of ElectroClerk BookShop

  • Scan and Enter ISBN Codes :Bookstore retailers have to keep track of book sales by their ISBN numbers. ElectroClerk allows you to enter ISBN barcode and track each title by its code while selling or searching a book.
  • Author or Genre wise Sales :Analyze sales from different aspects and get detailed insight into top selling books or authors. Generate reports to checks sales by author, genre, or by any other attribute attached to a book.
  • Customize Book Store Receipts :Use famous quotes from books or any important announcement about various book prizes on sales receipts. Customized receipts can convey important messages and also add a distinct touch to your bookstore.
  • Create and sell school syllabus with Loaders :Booksellers of school syllabi can easily create loader files of class-wise syllabi. On POS, the cashier will select the syllabus file instead of selecting every book and copy of a particular class.
  • Create customer based prices :Wholesale bookstores can create different retail and wholesale prices for their customers. Prices for bulk buyers can be configured on the basis of author, genre, publisher, year of publication, or any other attribute.
  • Check Author Wise Inventory:Certain authors are in demand during important events like book launches, favorable book reviews or after announcement of booker prize lists, etc. Generate title or author wise stock reports to check stock of each author.

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