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Every business advisor emphasises the importance of developing and nurturing relationships with your customers. What they never explain is how to do it sustainably. We provide all the tools required to capture and manage these relationships as part of your daily operations - direct from your customer and inventory records you already use to run your in-house business...

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clickhere to tryElectroacademy by Electrokingdom is a cloud-based school management solution that caters for businesses of all sizes in the education industry, and provides them the tools and functionalities to manage their administrative operations and routines. Key features includes

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Small business owners face a wide variety of challenges, often including insufficient staff, client dependence, and balancing a desire to create quality products with the need to increase quantity of sales, just for example. Download Now
In truth, most of the biggest challenges small busines...

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Soft Finance Cooperative Software

We provide a complete online and offline solution for Credit Cooperative Societies which facilitates with immense numbers of options to make things easy and simplified. The Soft finance cooperative Software by Electrokingdom will provide you immense numbers of...

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ElectroClerk BookShop is the complete, multi-user, Windows-based, Inventory and Customer Relationship management system for Booksellers and Book Distributors. For over 22years we have been helping our customers develop and nurture relationships with their customers, from Point Of Sale/Service to ongoing web/mail order processing.